Reviewing the top whole home generators

The interesting thing about whole-home generators is that it is one of the safest and reliable sources of energy you can depend on to ensure all your electrical devices are running smoothly especially when there is a power outage. A whole-home generator becomes very essential especially if you live in areas that experience winter storms purchasing a whole home generator is always a smart investment because it will be of great benefit during such times. some of the critical questions that you need to ask yourself when purchasing a generator of your choice include; what is your budget? how much power do I need in my home? these are the two critical question that should come to your mind and when you answer them then you will surely get the top whole home generators of your choice

1.Generac 7043 Guardian Series

This is the brand that has never disappoint and has been in the market for long, many consumer/buyer love this brand for many reasons, and these include they are reliable, powerful, and more importantly, they come with a 5-year warranty to guarantee you that whatever your purchasing from them is quality and last but not the list they provide you with 24-hour customer care this model has got huge capacity watts of about 22 000 when it is running on liquid propane and also can give 19500 watts when connected to the natural gas supply at home Generac 7043 Guardian Series comes with an LCD that you can use it to closely monitor the battery and when is the next time it will require routine maintenance


– has Low THD

– it very quiet

– has a Multilingual LCD

-runs on two types of fuel

-has a remote monitoring system that is linked to a mobile


-warranty doesn’t necessarily include spare part

2.Champion 100294 model

If you’re looking for a whole home generator that is economical in terms of fuel consumption, then the Champion 100294 model is the model you need to have in your home Champion 100294 model can produce 14000 watts with average fuel consumption of around two-gallon per hour. majority of the people like purchase a standby generator that can be connected to the natural gas at home so that they can economies on the need to refuel the generator but if that is not possible then Champion 100294 model will come to cut that cost this generator is built to tolerate the temperature range between -22� F – 104�


-Low THD

– has a long warranty period

– it is fuel-efficient

– it has a Mounting pad included


sometimes automatic start develop the issue

3.Briggs & Stratton 40396

This is another best brand of whole home generator you need to include in your list of the favorite brand reason being it is safe to use and operate and because of this, you can place it as close as 18 inches from the house. it can give you closer to 20000 watts which is enough to run all the electronics you have in your home. Briggs & Stratton 40396 helps in minimizing carbon monoxide away from the building because the generator’s ventilation helps to send the fumes away from the building


-Rust-free enclosure

– close placement to the house

-it has a remote control and automatic control as well


– setup requires an expert

-Engine starter requires regular replacement


These are some of the best whole-home generators you need to think of this is because they have attracted a lot of positive review over the internet and we hope after going through the above review we sure you will get one which will suit you best